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spaced symposium

Saturday 21 February 2015, 10:00am – 4:00pm

Western Australian Museum, Perth

The International Art Space and the Western Australian Museum present the spaced symposium, a day of discussions that will address some of the broader issues raised by spaced 2: future recall. The theme of the symposium will centre on the relationship between museums, contemporary artists and communities.

Museum directors, artists and community partners involved in spaced 2: future recall will present papers addressing questions such as: Is there a role for contemporary artists in non-art museums? Can contemporary artists work with communities without diluting the rigour and currency of their practice? What do communities expect from artists and institutions? Should mainstream art museums change in order to accommodate ‘post-studio’ art? Can digital media contribute to a more productive interaction between museums, artists and communities? Are interdisciplinary museums better suited to present and interpret interdisciplinary art forms? Is modernity – or post-modernity – necessarily associated with city life or can new forms of cultural production emerge beyond the boundaries of the modern metropolis?

Keynote speaker: Joanna Sandell (Sweden) Director, Botkyrka Konsthall

Other speakers include: W/Prof. Ted Snell (WA) Director, Cultural Precinct; Alec Coles (WA) CEO, Western Australian Museum; Daniel Peltz (USA) artist, academic; John Mateer (WA) writer; Maddie Leach (New Zealand) artist, academic; Tea Mäkipää (Finland) artist; Monika Thomas (WA) artist; Pia Lanzinger (Germany) artist; Edie Maher  (WA) Wajarri teacher;  Lily Hibberd (VIC) artist, writer;  Tyson Mowarin (WA) filmmaker, director, writer; Dr Glen Stasiuk (WA) filmmaker; Curtis Taylor (WA) filmmaker, actor; and Dr Fiona Walsh (NT) filmmaker, ethno-ecologist.

View the spaced symposium program here.

Watch the symposium presentations here.

Image: Tea Mäkipää, Business Hotspot, 2014, Cape Le Grand National Park Esperance. Photo: Robert Frith – Acorn Photography