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Pia Lanzinger

About the Artist

Pia Lanzinger’s practice focuses on collaborative projects in public spaces that attempt to notice the breaks and inconsistencies in the conditions of daily existence, and enable communicative experimentation.

Lanzinger works as an artist based in Berlin. To date, Lanzinger has worked in a range of locations, and often alongside diverse groups, including Zurich, Munich, Cologne, Worpswede, Nowa Huta- Poland, Graz, Vienna, Mexico City, South Korea and Scotland.  Her practice has seen her included in numerous international exhibition activities. Her most recent projects include Prendre la Parole, Center for Contemporary Art, Graz, Austria, 2013; Petze’s Freedom, Deutsche Stiftung Kulturlandschaft, Petze, Germany, 2011; and Three pieces for street sweepers, Residual Intervenciones Artísticas en la Ciudad, Mexico City, 2010. Lanzinger has also undertaken a range of scholarships and residencies, works as a lecturer in academies and universities, and as a curator of exhibitions in art institutions and in the public space.