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Bangalore Michael Bullock

6 October – 28 December 2013

Michael Bullock traveled to Bangalore, India to undertake a residency at 1.Shanthiroad as a part of the spaced and Asialink reciprocal exchange program. This program saw one Australian artist travel to India and one Indian artist (Archana Hande) travel to Western Australia to undertake art residencies.

At 1.Shanthiroad, Bangalore Bullock continued his current artistic research into the material and trade of sandalwood, a now-precious commodity that has traditionally been highly valued in India for its ritual and religious uses. Bangalore and the nearby culturally significant city of Mysore are the centres for sandalwood production in India. As a result of his research, Bullock identified a ‘vocabulary’ of inter-related materials, linking sandalwood to soap, incense, rope and carbon paper. He is especially interested in the transient character of these materials, to which his works give permanency through traditional sculptural techniques and processes, such as bronze-casting and wood-carving.

Bullock’s residency culminated in an exhibition at 1.Shanthiraod Gallery showcasing works that reflected on the fragile ecology of the tree and its associated artisanal industries in a global market place.