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Western Desert Communities Lily Hibberd

28 May – 15 June 2014

Films and photographs are powerful tools for looking back and forward. Some images lead us to ask the deeper question of how we belong to a place, for through such pictures we are looking from elsewhere, far away from home. This is when moving images make or renew memories and connections with people and places, whether near or far. It goes both ways: moving images in different times and places features the films, photographs and recorded conversations of Lily Hibberd, Tyson Mowarin, Glen Stasiuk, Curtis Taylor and Fiona Walsh, encountered during Hibberd’s spaced 2 residency, her collaboration with Martumili Artists spanning 2013–14 and more than four years of making art in Western Australia. Her installation gathered together the work of artists to present their stories in a conversation about filmmaking in and out of the Pilbara — about moving and sharing memories across many places and times.





Images: Lily Hibberd & Curtis Taylor, The Phone Booth Project, 2012–13, video still. Commissioned by Fremantle Arts Centre and Martumili Artists for We don’t need a map: a Martu experience of the Western Desert; Lily Hibberd in collaboration with Tyson Mowarin, Glen Stasiuk, Curtis Taylor and Fiona Walsh, It goes both way: moving images in different times and places, 2015, installation view, spaced 2: future recall, Western Australian Museum Perth. Photo: Robert Frith – Acorn Photography; Fiona Walsh, Handing back the past: A journey to Martu country with old photos, 2012, video still; Tyson Mowarin, Ngurra Wangaggu – Country Talking, 2013, film still