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Cervantes Jay Koh

15 May – 14 July 2013 | 6 October – 28 December 2013 | 10 June – 10 July 2014 | January 2015

Southeast Asian artist, Jay Koh’s residency in Cervantes has been shaped by his interactions with a diverse cross-section of locals and residents groups. Art-led, his participatory process of engagement both explores and reveals the multiple narratives and embedded interests that the various communities share within their collective memory. Koh seeks to explore the possibilities for collaborative futures that emerge from these diverse and competing narratives. His encounters in the everyday explore commonality, similarity and differences; to understand the anxieties, interests, needs and hidden transcripts of the residents and stakeholders of the communities of Cervantes.

Adhering to this open and reciprocal approach, Koh’s collaborative project, the outcome of 18 months of engagement, will take the form of a public art trail. The trail will include permanent and temporary artworks that mark several of Cervantes’ public and private spaces, and reference local histories and personal narratives. The activities documented here represent the beginning of a larger venture.