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Tom Price Daniel Peltz

14 June – 12 July 2013 | 10 – 28 June 2014

When we dig, things come up explores the act of mining. It arose from Peltz’ sense that his role as an American artist in residence in a Western Australian town founded on American ambition and greed was something of a re-enactment. In response to this situation, Peltz ‘mined’ a series of narrative fragments from and about Tom Price — the US businessman, the former mountain and the present-day purpose-built mining town and open-pit iron ore mine. ‘I extracted material everywhere I went’, says Peltz, ‘in conversations, workshops, solitary walks, meditations and dreams, applying the same minimum standards used in the mining industry [65 per cent purity] to the narrative fragments I extracted’. The selected fragments were then shipped to a Chinese opera company and a landscape painter, following the same trade routes as the mined iron ore. These skilled artists ‘refined’ the narrative fragments and returned a Beijing opera for public exhibition in the township of Tom Price, and a series of landscape paintings for display in the Western Australian Museum.

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