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pia lanzinger: week 11 – 15

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10 / 04 / 2015

To date over 180 people from Geraldton, across Australia and overseas have adopted a Wajarri word! Thank you to all Wajarri word mentors, it is only through your collective participation that the realisation of this project has been possible. Wajarri Elder, Elvie Dann, who adopted the word “jurda” meaning “flower” became the 180th person to adopt a Wajarri word! On Wednesday 1 April I invite all Geraldton residents to celebrate the success of the Geraldton goes Wajarri project at an event which will feature the live release of the Geraldton goes Wajarri song, composed for the project by Darcy Hay (songwriter, musician), Vincent Jones (musician… read more

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pia lanzinger: week 6 – 10

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10 / 04 / 2015

On Thursday 20 November 2014 I launched my public art project in the community of Geraldton – Geraldton goes Wajarri: A city revitalizes its endangered Aboriginal language.  During my initial research in Geraldton in 2013, I chose to focus on Wajarri, which despite being the most commonly spoken Aboriginal language in the Midwest of Western Australia, has less than 50 fluent speakers remaining. The project Geraldton goes Wajarri is designed to provide a forum for the conservation of this language by smuggling Wajarri into the public spaces of the City of Greater Geraldton in a way that is both playful and enjoyable. Through an “adopt a… read more

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pia lanzinger: week 5

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23 / 12 / 2013

The more I intended that my project will deal with Aboriginal languages and politics, I tried to meet politically engaged Aboriginal people. I was very happy that Clarrie Cameron, the author of the brilliant book “Elephants in the Bush” was in town and found some time to meet up. Also I had a conversation with Rob Ronan, one of the representative Traditional Owners, who does welcomes to Amangu country at official matters. Together with Western Indigenous Media he is publishing since twenty years a paper called Mulga Mail Newspaper. It’s the only Aboriginal owned and operated newspaper in Western Australia. It was also a pleasure… read more

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pia lanzinger: week 4

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23 / 12 / 2013

  The Director of Creative Communities, Andrea Selvey, invited me to be a guest at a panel for Participatory Budgeting in the Civic Centre. A representative group of citizens from Geraldton was requested to discuss future planning of the city and in what initiatives the budget should be invested. In 2010 the City Council started the project Geraldton 2029 and Beyond in which citizens were involved to discuss the direction the challenges of the future should take. This project is an initiative to minimize the distance between politics and the citizens. In 2011 it got under the seven nominated finalists for the Reinhard Mohn Price… read more


pia lanzinger: week 3

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04 / 12 / 2013

  On November 20 I got the chance to visit Gary Martin in the Greenough Community Museum. I was astonished to find out that the museum changed from a very traditional one (the old Pioneer Museum) which depicted a typical settler’s house to a very inspiring place. It’s done with a lot of love and energy to get people to interact with finding their way through the house, instead of being separated by the barriers from the old furniture display. The visitors can now discover special and unusual every-day-life-objects. For example, an old dress a lady donated to the museum is now squashed into a preserving jar:… read more

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pia lanzinger: week 2

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20 / 11 / 2013

  Last week in the WA Museum in Geraldton the opening of the exhibition On Badimaya Country took place, which highlights the Aboriginal culture and country of the Badimaya people of Mount Magnet. From the community only Ollie George speaks the language fluently. From him Bundiyarra – Irra Wangga Language Centre got most of the information about the language. It is good to see that in the meantime – after the decline of Aboriginal Australian languages since the time of European colonisation and a government policy which supported a monolingual, monocultural Australia – there is in an effort to preserve these languages.      … read more

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pia lanzinger: week 1

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14 / 11 / 2013

Early on Monday morning Victor (from spaced) and I flew from Perth to Geraldton. We just missed the scary adventure to get into a thunderstorm close to Perth before we finally got a glimpse of the Greenough river flowing into the city of Geraldton. Advertising billboards in the airport made me very quickly aware that Geraldton is booming and I should invest now: Don’t miss the chance!     The staff of Western Australian Museum of Geraldton gave me a very warm welcome and they provide me with a spare table to work on used when someone is on leave. So I will rotate and… read more