all projects Mandurah: Art Oriente objet

Project Title:
untitled (work in progress)

Art Oriente' objet (Marion Laval-Jeantet & Benoit Mangin)


City of Mandurah & SymbioticA

Residency Dates:
2-28 April 2011

Exhibition Dates:
2-20 August 2011

French collective, Art Oriente' objet, were originally invited by SymbioticA, a leading international bio-art organisation located at the University of Western Australia, to propose an artistic project that responded to Mandurah's unique wetland environment, specifically Lake Clifton; home to living thrombolites, one of the earliest known life forms on earth.

Art Oriente' objet immersed themselves in the cultural and ecological environs of Lake Clifton, conducting scientific investigations, interviews with local Indigenous people and learning more about this unusual site. Long interested in the intersections between art, science and technology, they were drawn to the many questions that Lake Clifton raises around endangered ecosystems and cultural anthropology.

The artists are developing several projects out of their residency, including a film documenting the community around the lake, a sculpture of carved kangaroo bones and connections between the City of Mandurah and UNESCO. Due to unforeseen circumstances these projects could not be completed in time for the spaced exhibition, however they will be presented as part of the exhibition, Adaptation, opening at INQB8 Gallery in Mandurah on 6 May 2012 (www.mandurah.