all projects Lake Grace: Osterholt & Uitentuis

xWouter Osterholt and Elke Uitentuis have worked collaboratively since 2005 and share an interest in the local and global factors influencing people's relationship to their surroundings. Through observation and engagement with communities they investigate the characteristics of particular places to understand how they function and analyse connections that link local interests and circumstances. Through their art practice, Osterholt and Uitentuis offer insights into the influences and power structures that define the use of space and shape people's lives, creating platforms for reflection where sensitive topics and the unspoken hopes and dreams of communities can be questioned and discussed. Their work has been shown in the Townhouse Gallery, Cairo; MAK Center, Los Angeles; Sao Paulo Biennale, Brazil; Rautenstrauch-Joest Museum, Cologne; and Schunck Museum, the Netherlands. Osterholt and Uitentuis recently gave presentations at Mediamatic, Amsterdam; Heinrich Böll Stiftung, Berlin; and W139, Amsterdam. They are affiliated as 'experts' to the No Academy, an experimental study for social design based in Amsterdam.