all projects Jakarta: Roderick Sprigg

Project Title:
The Importance of Shadows

Roderick Sprigg

Jakarta, Indonesia

Jakarta Biennale and the Faculty of Art, Institut Kesenian Jakarta

Residency Dates:
February-April 2010

Performance Dates:
26 March 2010 (Jakarta)

As part of IASKA's cultural exchange program with the Jakarta Biennale, WA-based artist, Roderick Sprigg, spent two months based at the Institut Kesenian in Jakarta developing new work influenced by wayang kulit (Indonesian shadow puppet theatre).

During his stay, Sprigg filmed interviews with local people at Blora, a village neighborhood in Jakarta, in which he asked individuals to share with him what was important in their lives. These local stories were later recreated by the artist into short wayang kulit-style animated videos that became part of a street performance. This performance involved Sprigg pushing a modified food cart throughout the streets of Jakarta. Advertising wayang kulit on its colourful exterior, the cart incorporated a presentation of the animated videos which drew curious and amused responses from pedestrians and motorists. The performance concluded at Blora where the work was screened to a local audience.

While in Jakarta, Sprigg created a number of other projects, including a large-scale collaborative drawing with local artist, MG Pringgotono. Together these works offer audiences multiple interactions with Sprigg's observations of the people of Jakarta and the transitional state of the city.