all projects Fremantle: Ritchie Ned Hansel

Project Title:
Abandoned Trolley Project

Ritchie Ned Hansel


Fremantle Arts Centre

Residency Dates:
16 February-11 March 2010 23 March-13 May 2010

Exhibition Dates:
25 February, 2 & 8 May 2010 (Fremantle Arts Centre)

While on a two-month residency in Fremantle, Jakarta-based artist, Ritchie Ned Hansel, came to identify the abandoned shopping trolley as an untapped site for street art intervention. Creating fabric covers for the trolleys, which in turn became canvases for a series of graf paintings, Ned Hansel transformed these ubiquitous objects into platforms for anti-consumerist slogans. Featured in a music video created by the artist with Fremantle band, The Useless Thing, the trolleys soon drew the interest of local street artists who began working with Ned Hansel.

On his return to Indonesia, Ned Hansel extended the Abandoned Trolley Project to include the work of both Indonesia and Australian street artists. The resulting works are presented throughout the grounds of the Fremantle Arts Centre in a bold display of collective creativity and consumerist critique.

Ned Hansel also developed the website as an integral component of the project. Here, online viewers can contribute their own trolley artwork and photographic documentation of abandoned trolleys throughout the world.