all projects Esperance: Makeshift

Project Title:
Sojourn in EspÃ(c)rance Bay

Makeshift (Tessa Zettel & Karl Khoe)


Cannery Arts Centre

Residency Dates:
7 February-11 March 2011

Exhibition Dates:
28 October-15 December 20113-4 December 2011 (AJ Stewart's Chemist Shop,Esperance Museum Village)

Sydney collective, Makeshift, used their spaced residency to consider the edibility of the local Esperance landscape. The historical point of departure for their research was the story of French naturalist, Claude-Antoine-Gaspard Riche (of the d'Entrecasteaux expedition, 1792), who became lost on the shores of nearby Pink Lake over 200 years ago, thirsty, hungry and surrounded by food he could not recognise.

Informed by this local legend and historical area photographs of the goldfields, Makeshift created and filmed an unusual dining tableau in Pink Lake. Intended as a kind of apparition that the delirious M. Riche might have seen in his desperate hours, the tableau incorporated borrowed objects, edible native plants and the participation of guests from the community with connections to the land.

Makeshift's exhibited installation comprises video documentation, domestic items collected in Esperance and a French stereoscope from the early 1900s that enables visitors to view 3D images of Esperance's food supply as it exists today. Together these works combine to provide viewers with a type of self-contained time machine, a chance to look backwards and forwards in time at alternate ways of living in Esperance.