all projects Albany: Mimi Tong

Project Title:
View of Albany from Princess Royal Harbour, Western Australia c. December 2009

Mimi Tong


NewArts Inc & MIX Artists

Residency Dates:
17 November-12 December 2009

Exhibition Dates:
17 June-4 July 2010 29 June-10 July 2010 (Albany Public Library)

During 2009 and 2010, Sydney-based artist, Mimi Tong, spent two months in the southern town of Albany. Inspired by the maritime explorers who created the first recorded views of Albany's coastline from the sea, and informed by current local debates about waterfront development, the focus of Tong's project became the contemporary coastal landscape of Albany.

Like the maritime explorers before her, Tong documented the coastline from onboard a pilot vessel in Princess Royal Harbour. Making the most of the advantages of digital photography, these images were used by Tong to create a highly detailed drawing of over six metres presented in the format of a concertina book. Tong's exceptional rendering of the landscape includes key local landmarks such as the Grain Silo, Albany Entertainment Centre, the Brig Amity and Wind Farm. Presented on a shelf that enables close viewing, the folded format of the drawing echoes the undulating lines of the Albany coastline and documents the landscape of a city in transition.