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The more I see of them and observe their behaviour, the more they remind me of cockroaches - an ever present thought at supper time. Just what was that one thinking as the deckhand jokingly said "hey Nigel that one's having a really good look at you."

Hoisting itself out of the sorting bin and purposefully fixing me with its two protruding pearls of eyes, antennae and feelers symmetrically arranged to keep me at bay and moving a generous array of small underbody parts. What constitutes thought?

This creature is supposedly possessed of a 'simple' brain, a clot of neves lodged beneath the horned carapace that protects the eyes, surely it must be taxed just coordinating all these whirring body parts, all of those legs and feelers, unless of course they are mostly autonomous. So what constitutes thought?

Aliens, who needs aliens, our world is chocked with them, and doesn't Geiger and Hollywood know it, being content to go no further than a simple mix and match; Crustacea and Insecta with a little help from Reptilia on occasion.

Of course from the perspective of numbers, of Biomass it is we who are the 'fish out of water' with our rather simplistic morphologies, our vulnerable soft tissue hung from frames of bone and lacking the useful ability to regenerate limbs. Perhaps the notion of intelligence has gone to our heads!

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