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It has been a week of constant movement, travelling from one Island to the next, on and off boats and light planes; tramping over different terrains. I am beginning to get a feel for the patterns, the biology and the various social networks ~ starting to grasp the complexity of the Cray industry, not simply the almost Baroque ecology of the of the Crayfish itself but also the labyrinthine attempts to regulate and maintain a sustainable fishery.

On Little Rat I sleep in a small cabin at the end of the wharf which rocks and moans in the high winds, I fret that I will be swept away! On West Wallabi I encounter a minefield of Mutton Bird burrows (the favourite food of Sea Eagles) and spend half my trek falling over into thorny bushes. We attend the ANZAC dawn service and then join in the 2up which attracts boats from all the other islands ~ free beer and burning sunshine equals sore heads! On North Island I discover a village like atmosphere full of friends and family, small kids catching gigantic fish on the pontoons.

Image above: Centurian

GPS Tracks Sea eagle contrail

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