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In from little rat

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I looked across to the outer Islands and studied the breakers heaving themselves onto the coral ridges of the seaward side; I listened to the wind hissing through the structures on the jetty and I drew in the odour of diesel fuel mixed with Cray-bait.

Downing two sea-sickness tablets I hauled my gear onboard the laden Crayboat and tried to keep out of the way as the skipper and deckle manoeuvred the crates into position and hooked up the water hoses to irrigate the live catch. The skipper descended for the flying bridge as soon as we were through the shoals and slammed the throttle full forward sending us hurtling into a two metre seaway. For the next three hours I hung in a Qui Gung like pose behind the wheelhouse, knees bent to absorb the pounding, hands firmly gripping the rail and eyes fixed alternatively on the horizon and the ETA readout on the GPS map which gradually counted down to the shore, to solidity and dryness.

Roma Island from Little Rat Supper on Little Rat Island

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