Touring Program


From Space to Place

IASKA touring exhibition curated by Marco Marcon

Participating artists:

Izabela Pluta (NSW), Claire Healy & Sean Cordeiro (NSW), Anna Nazzari (WA), Hayden Fowler (NSW), James Lynch (VIC), nat & ali (VIC), Wilkins Hill (QLD), Matt Hunt (WA), Tom Nicholson (VIC), Bruce Slatter (WA), Raquel Ormella (NSW)

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From Space to Place Itinerary

Sixteen of Australia’s most exciting, early-career contemporary artists have created new work in the Western Australian rural communities of Kellerberrin and Ballidu for IASKA’s new national touring project.

From Space to Place features photography, installation, video, sculpture and performance created from the artist’s direct engagement with the spaces and places they inhabited in rural WA.

From Space to Place concentrates on the ambiguities, paradoxes and contradictions that emerge in the zone of continual exchange between space and place, determined and undeterm-ined, actual and virtual, form and formlessness. The explorations of rural experience in this exhibition focus on the linguistic, aesthetic and emotional relationships between people and places/spaces, through the artists process of becoming displaced and re-situating themselves. This process also implicitly addresses the effects produced by globalisation and new communication technologies on the way in which we feel, understand and experience the space/place nexus.


Out of Site

IASKA touring exhibition curated by Marco Marcon

Featured artists

Matthew Ngui, Salvatore Falci, Berndt Höppner, Virginia Ward, Kate Daw, Heinrich Lüber, Robert Frith, Markus Mußinghoff, Alex Spremberg, Umberto Cavenago, Miriam Stannage, Louise Paramor, Trevor Richards, Shigeaki Iwai, Gillian Dyson, Roland Boden, Lotte Konow Lund, Bibo, Simon Levin + Laurie Long, Moon Joo

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Out of Site Itinerary

A national touring exhibition featuring key works by the artists who have contributed to the IASKA programs over the past six years. Since 1988, well known contemporary artists from Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Singapore, Norway, Canada, South Korea, the Netherlands and Australia have converged on the Wheatbelt to create a variety of original site-specific projects based on an interaction with the local community and landscape. All the works included in Out of Site were originally produced for IASKA and are representative of the artists’ cultural backgrounds as well as current trends in international contemporary art. The exhibition celebrates IASKA’s effort to strengthen and enrich local identity by creating new opportunities for a cultural dialogue between local and global perspectives. For this occasion the town of Kellerberrin was transformed into a unique exhibition space, as works by were displayed in public buildings, shops, offices, the local police station and other unusual venues


Beyond the Grid

Jurek Wybraniek and Andrew Leslie curated by Marco Marcon and Julian Goddard