Open Space

Brigitta Hupfel
August 2001

I was offered OPEN free passage to unlimited three-dimensional expanse that required an interval of distance and time between two points, objects and events.I found the interior part accessible and the people ready for business, like a large manned satellite, providing a base for research in SPACE. The unoccupied rooms and the open countryside made me aware of the OPEN SPACE and regions beyond the earth's atmosphere, planets and galaxies; the universe. Also there was this gap between the lines that made it free for all to join and ready to entertain new ideas. I thank the many extensions of a generous open hand, it showed a large capacity to be receptive to exchange ideas and feelings. This chain of events has led to a small series of paintings and a printed-map that is investigating the aggregate of existing matter and space. I thank you for this opportunity to share with you the results of this OPEN SPACE residency.