Past Projects

Unboxed and Re-planted

April 05 - 27 2008

IASKA presents two concomitant exhibitions of videos works by artists from Australia and overseas:

Re-planted: small songs unearthed by weeding

As we travel through the impossible into the ethereal and the bizarre, the images and songs of Re-planted engulf us. Five artists from around the globe provoke a wide variety of responses as they explore aspects of the natural world, its evolution and its possibilities. Each vignette provides an aesthetic and soundscape vastly different from the other and manages to capture the inherent visual appeal of the world around us all.

Artists: 1st Avenue Machine (USA), Marek Brandt (GER), Jakub Dvorsky (CZ), Lycette Bros (AUS), Fredo Viola (USA). Curated by Kirsten Bradley.


This is an anthology of video works by IASKA’s past artists in residence. All works were created in Kellerberrin and other locations in the Western Australian Wheatbelt.

Artists: Neville Gabie (UK), Roland Boden (GER), Greg Pryor (AUS), Christina Abad (COL), PVI Collective & Julianne Stiegele (AUS/GER), Gillian Dyson (UK) and Umberto Cavenago (IT).