Past Residencies

Miriam Stannage

codex 2000
May - Dec 2000

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(Kellerberrin Notebook – Digital prints)

One of the most famous codices is Leonardo da Vinci’s Notebooks. The linen pages written in mirror script contain his ideas, visual observations, projects, inventions and drawings done between 1506 and 1510.The 100 pages in the Kellerberrin Notebook contain thoughts and images of life (past, present and future) in rural Western Australia in the year 2000. Time is the main theme, reflecting human activities and conditions of country life and death.

Whilst in Kellerberrin I talked to and photographed farmers, owners of town businesses, school children, residents of Dryandra, aboriginal artists and many other interesting people. The Shire library held local histories by early pioneers, cemetery records, documents on landcare, etc., which became part of this Notebook. The photos, objects and other collected material were scanned into a computer, collaged, altered and text added (some over my original handwritten page project notes) to make the final print.

The world of nature and the human interaction with it is especially poignant in rural areas. The struggle and achievements of people, once isolated and remote, now are linked to a world of new technology and global economy. These prints, although appearing visually 'simple', may, I hope, on reflection reveal some of the many aspects of human experience, not just in the countryside but universally.