Past Projects

Right To Be Counted

06 Jul 2007
Right To Be Counted

Award-winning Melbourne photographer, Tobias Titz and the Wangka Maya Pilbara Aboriginal Language Centre have collaborated with the Indigenous community members from Port Hedland, Yandeyarra, Carnarvon and Warralong to create a series of photographic portraits that articulate the communities’ thoughts, opinions and experiences regarding the 1967 referendum.

Commemorating 40 years of citizenship, ‘Right to be Counted’ is an exhibition highlighting the power of words. The 1967 referendum was a ground breaking moment for Australia. 90.77% voted ‘Yes’ giving Indigenous Australians the rights ofother Australians.

The framed photographs consist of full length and face portraits along side etched comments about the person’s reflections on the effects of the ‘67 Referendum.

These carefully considered words, positioned next to the compelling portraits, create an exhibition that is at once confronting, personal, and stunning. The result of scratching text into a photograph of an otherwise empty space allows the unseen and unsaid to be given a voice and physical form. Right to be Counted asserts that even once a person has left a space, even after an event has come and gone, something remains - repercussions, impact, memory. As Hedland resident Joseph Maher wrote on his photograph from the exhibition ‘It was a good start, still need more work’

This exhibition includes a practical workshop for Indigenous community members to celebrate and reflect on the changes in society.