Past Residencies

PVI Collective
Catastrophe Institute (In collaboration with Juliane Stiegele)
September 2005
March 2006



C.I Charter

The Catastrophe Institute:

• Is an international think-tank which aims to experiment with disaster.
• Respond to notions of catastrophe in contemporary living, ranging from those posed by nature, human progress, personal experience and policy making .
• Explore catastrophe in relation to the places we live and people we know.
• Are disaster ready at all times.
• Conduct experiments in which no animals are intentionally harmed.
• Decode the dialectics of destruction.
• Carry out global field research which is recorded & documented for public viewing.
• Act on instinct and are driven by fear.
• Are looking for someone or something to blame for the inevitable social, political and economic shit-storm that is brewing.
• Provides mass vaccinations against everything.
• Believe there is no such thing as a conspiracy theory.
• Understand that constant crisis is good for business.
• Have no formal qualifications in geology, climatology, biology or any of the ‘ology's'.
• Put themselves on the front line of all experiments & invite participation from the local community.
• Provide a space for the beauty of chaos.
• Is made up of australian, english and german members.
• Sometimes dream of something better.