Past Residencies

Louise Paramor

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For this exhibition Melbourne artist Louise Paramor has transformed IASKA gallery into an odd and enthralling space decorated with large paper sculptures and amusingly impertinent found objects. The show presents an array of remarkable works, such as a hand-made, 40 meter long snake, a huge paper lantern and a collection of "naughty" bath towels from the red light districts of Eastern Europe. The general effect is strangely alluring as the interior of the gallery is filled with what appear as fantastic party decorations, kitsch merchandise from an adult shop and textual allusions to Mills & Boon novels. The most striking aspect of the show, however, is the sheer quality of Louise Paramor’s seemingly delicate yet imposing sculptures. They are elegant, carefully hand-crafted objects that combine formal perfection with references to notions of fantasy, romance and sensuality.