Past Residencies

Markus Mußinghoff

January - March 2000

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For this exhibitions Markus Mußinghoff created a monumental and startling installation using billboard sized photographs, (the largest measuring 10m x 4m) and a large, wall mounted steel structure made of narrow steel shelves topped with 200kg of red and black industrial grease. This unusual and imposing work includes portraits of people Mußinghoff met during his stay in Kellerberrin as well as friends from Germany. The metal shelves filled with grease constitutes a minimalist sculptural element that stands in dramatic contrast to the monumental, almost heroic photographic portraits. Transmission is part of an artistic progression from Mußinghoff's earlier work such as Civil Facts (January 1998 in Bodum, Germany) and his work for the Haifa Installation Triennale (November 1999). This exhibition also offered Markus Mußinghoff the opportunity to work in a gallery that he describes as the most beautiful space in which his work has been presented in the last 10 years.

Markus Mußinghoff (Germany) is a renowned Düsseldorf sculptor and performance artist, Mußinghoff's work has been included in major international exhibitions in Europe, Australia, the USA and the Middle-East.