Past Residencies

James Lynch
February – March, 2004

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I imagine for everybody there is a big part of our lives that we can not remember - years of crucial experiences and sensations all forgotten. Thinking about this period for me is like a black hole in my life where I know I existed yet it has never been signified. Our earliest memories are interesting to me because they are traumatic events (a bit like birth), where we are finally born again into the symbolic world. These stories don't represent everything from the years before but these narratives, that we hang on to so fiercely, contain residual traces, scraps of memories that I would like to draw out and bring the audience into relation and connection with. I will cherish my stay at Kellerberrin. The long hot summer days of drawing were broken by cups of tea, swims in the pool, long walks, visits to the pub, op-shops and a visit from my girlfriend. It went by very quickly and I was just beginning to become familiar with some of the locals and get some sense of the awesomeness of the ancient landscape. I wish to sincerely thank IASKA and everyone who assisted my project.