Past Residencies

Lotte Konow Lund
An exhibition by Lotte Konow Lund
4th May - 7 June. 2002

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This porject is supported by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Although time was a big issue for me in Kellerberrin, I got a lot of new luggage from my experience there and I am still chewing on it. It is mostly of the good kind, very much because of the inhabitants of Keller. There is something odd, being an integrated part of a small community on the other side of the world, instantly, after travelling what does not seem a long distance (from cold to warm), but then again knowing that I am very far away.

This society is so close to my own, on the other side of the world, although the landscape might be directly the opposite. Sometimes it would feel like I could take one step in thin air and be at home, if it had not been for the reminders appearing as physical manifestations of my alienation and inner fears; animals, reptiles, lack of water, insects, absolute silence and the chicken with lips.