Past Residencies

Simon Levin/ Laurie Long
The Centre For S.A.L.T. Expression
April - June 2003

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Simon Levin and Laurie Long created The Centre for S.A.L.T. Expression, a fictional organization to foster and expand creative expression in the Wheatbelt. The artists encouraged people to think of new ways exploring the environmental issues affecting the local landscape. Local residents were invited to submit proposal for research projects and activities to be carried out by the Centre.

One of Levin and Long ‘s projects involved the use of remote sensing technologies to investigate and compile multiple forms of mapping to explore how meaning is generated through patterns of interaction with the land. Visitors to the Centre were invited to wear a GPS (Global Positioning System) bandoleer and go for a walk in the landscape: later the data was transformed into a line-map image akin to an abstract drawing.