Past Residencies

Nigel Helyer
October - November , 2005



An “audio-portrait” woven from the oral history of the residents of Kellerberrin WA, capturing community experiences of listening to the radio, is the latest exhibition by Nigel Helyer, presented by IASKA, the International Art Space Kellerberrin Australia.

The history of broadcast media and communications technology has developed at an alarming pace in the last century and it is easy to forget the central role that radio has played in Australian communities as a form of entertainment, and as a vital communication link.

Resident artist, and internationally renowned Australian sound/ sculptural artist, Nigel Helyer, will broadcast within the gallery and main street, KelleRadioActive, Kellerberrin’s short term radio station, consisting of a rich tapestry of stories, memories, sing-a-longs, radio serials and radio histories collected from, and created by, the locals during his stay in Kellerberrin.

The gallery exhibition, held in the IASKA Kellerberrin gallery, will showcase donated and defunct radios adapted to broadcast the oral histories gathered by Nigel. A low power FM radio will broadcast (under legal requirements), KelleRadioActive to the township and to passers by in vehicles.

Coming soon Midnight Cries, the radio drama produced by Kellerberrin District High School middle school for the EPIC program.