Past Residencies

Kate Daw
May - June 1999

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Stories, fragmented memories, extracts of conversation, paintings, photographs and videos were all used in the exhibition Notes and Sources. Now based in Melbourne, Daw's grandmother was an Esperance CWA stalwart, and Kate was particularly interested in finding out more about her grandmother's life, the role of the CWA, and the changing identity of women living rural communities.

Sourcing her grandmother's original journals, Daw had a starting point for the many stories, memories and experiences of rural women. During her residency Daw worked with 17 local women in a series of workshops. With work from her previous exhibitions, the interviews with the two city women and her grandmother's stories as a backdrop, the workshops became an exchange of experience between Kate and the participants.

Accompanying the exhibition Daw also produced a 70 page publication that literally 'echoes' aspects of the show as well as detailing community involvement.

Kate Daw (Australia) was educated in WA but is now based in Melbourne.She has exhibited work in Edinburgh, Melbourne, Genoa, Berlin and in major survey shows such as Perspecta and the Adelaide Biennial.