Past Residencies

Mud Maps
October – December 2002

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Bibo's work exposes the structures behind the everyday. She observes our surroundings with a keen and curious eye, often to reveal systems in culture with a critical humor. Out of wonder at the beauty of these seemingly superfluous systems, she composes photographs, videos, texts and found material into systems of her own.

Bibo enaged the Kellerberrin community to produce an exhibition examining the contrasting views and perceptions local residents have of themselves, of other people and of the place in which they live. The artist worked with a large number of adults and children from different social backgrounds focusing on their everyday lives and exploring their thoughts and feeling about the place and community. She also engaged a number of city dwellers from Perth, asking them to elaborate on their views of rural life. In the exhibition the artist juxtaposed and contrasted this material using a variety of different media such as video, drawings, photography, assemblages of objects etc.

A section of the exhibition addressed the relationship between the town and the surrounding landscape. Bibo researched and analysed the colours that characterise the natural environment of the Wheatbelt to create colour schemes to be used in an imaginary redecoration of the town’s buildings. The artist also organised a bus tour of the town and surroundings that took visitors to sites of special significance to the community.